Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zoobles! Spring To Life!

Zoobles are ball-shaped birds which are like Bakugan for girls. I tried playing with it. But I didn't like it that much...

This is the bird and the bird's treehouse. You can put the bird inside the treehouse and make it sleep. That is why I think it's boring because that's all you do.

I think the bird is very cute.

This is how the bird sleeps inside the treehouse. It closes its eyes and becomes a little ball.

This is the bird standing on the treehouse. When you put it on top of the treehouse, it will stand up. Sleep, wake-up, sleep, wake-up... Zoobles is okay but I think it's very boring...

*Mom's note: Loaner unit provided for review.


  1. hahahah kei you're so cute but yeah i agree with u it kinda looks boring..cant do much with it noh?

    - auntie fran

  2. nothing to do... what to do...? Boring....